For the last several months there’s been on thing on my five-year-olds mind and request list. A trampoline. A big trampoline that she could bounce on in the garden. She was consistent about this want and so we looked around for something that would fulfil her bouncing needs and last her several years whilst minimising the chance to hurt herself. We quickly found Plum and selected their 8-foot model. Trampolines are rated by their width and by the maximum weight. The 8ft Fun Trampoline is designed as a first real trampoline for children from the age of about 5 to 11 and provides a decent amount of bouncing space with a relatively small overall footprint.

I’d worried about the amount of time or skill it was going to take to assemble the trampoline – particularly by myself – but it turned out to take just over an hour. I did get a little help threading the poles through the top of the enclosure but I could have done it myself if I’d needed to. The included instructions were simple and clear to follow. A certain amount of dexterity and physical strength to get some of the metal sections joined is needed and I’d recommend using your own Phillips cross head screwdriver as the one included isn’t that ergonomic.

Once I had it setup and let my daughter in we had an instant hit – she was bouncing for the next couple of hours. After six weeks in the garden, it still looks perfect.

Trampoline AssemblyProduct Information

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Price: ± From £70 to £110
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About Plum

Plum Play was launched by founder Jonathan and Diane Schaffer in 1988 and has expanded to cover 35 countries. They employ around 50 and make a range of outdoor play equipment but are most famous for their trampolines.

The trampoline consists of several parts. Firstly the frame is made of six large curved sections that are supported by three wide legs. The top of the frame has evenly spaced holes for the springs and the standings for the enclosure. The second part is the mat and the netted enclosure. These are attached together as part of the assembly which has the advantage that when you’re inside the trampoline it’s not possible to get to the springs. Finally, there is the external frame that holds up the enclosure. This external frame has a single continuous fibreglass circle around the inside of the netted enclosure supported by three vertical posts that slot into the frame.

  • Target audience: Families with children younger than teens in small to medium gardens.
  • Target age range: Children
  • Target gender: Unisex/gender neutral with gender-neutral colours
  • Outdoor use only, will withstand inclement weather but it’s recommended that the enclosure is taken down in the winter a cover fitted.
  • The door has three clips that need a reasonable level of dexterity and strength to open. These are optional to use but would successfully keep most children too small to use the trampoline out.


The trampoline plus enclosure sells for between £70 and £110 which compares very favourably to other similar trampolines that do not always include enclosures.

Plum sells replacements parts for the Fun line ranging from 50p for end caps up to complete replacement legs, springs, and mats. They recommend replacing the netting annually which is available for £45.


Total Height: 215cm
Width: 245cm
Total weight: 33.9kg
Recommended age range: 6-12 years
Weight Capacity: 50kg
Springs: 42
Frame Material: Galvanized steel


Physical requirement

A reasonable sized area to setup and assemble and a flat solid location to keep the trampoline when assembled. Ideally you will move the trampoline regularly as although it won’t kill the grass underneath it we did notice that after a month in the same spot the grass was less green than in areas around it.


The Plum 8ft Fun Trampoline represents a great balance between a small childs trampoline and a full size adult trampoline and is perfect for its target age range. It’s large enough for decent bouncing but small enough not to overwhelm the garden and can be moved around to avoid killing the grass in one spot.  It’s very carefully designed and little touches like the clips to keep out very small children make a good product great. If you’ve one or two children between 5 and 11 it’s an excellent choice. Highly recommended.

The review is based on the Plum 8ft Fun Trampoline and Enclosure. Read more about Ergohacks’ eco and access used in reviews. This article was first published on 20th July 2016.