There are few things as disheartening as taking a child with a disability to a park or playground and discovering that the equipment cannot be used and instead of joining in, trying to explain why they can only watch other children play. It is equally disheartening to try and explain to a child looking for a quiet spot to retreat to why they have to embrace the noisy hustle and bustle of the playground because a sibling really wants to go down the slide twenty times.

inclusive play featured

Inclusive Play equipment at Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley Abbey, Southampton

Inclusive Play develops and manufactures playground equipment that enables all children to play. This includes a wheelchair accessible merry go round, a ramp-accessible swing as well as placing other equipment at heights that makes transfer and access from a ‘chair easier. It also includes a large variety of equipment all made with universal access in mind to suit many different temperaments. A full list of products is available here.

Including all children as well as their parents in the playground can be quite a challenge, but the outdoor play equipment from Inclusive Play succeeds pretty well in meeting that challenge. Visiting a playground with the equipment, it was an amazing experience to see the potential for inclusion and as a parent using a wheelchair, it made it possible for me to interact much closer with my daughter whilst she was playing.

Inclusive Play works with charities and local authorities to both build new playgrounds with access but also to adapt existing parks and recreational areas to be more accessible. A free guidebook to designing accessible play spaces is also available on request.

Inclusive Play