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The latest Tomb Raider is a great action adventure to play and if you are interested in using a Razer Nostromo N52te keypad, here is a layout that has worked well for me. I am naturally left handed and have mapped almost all function of both the keyboard and mouse to the Nostromo’s keys. I am only using the mouse to control and adjust view point as required and to aim. Mouse sensitivity is turned down quite low to avoid a jittery, jumpy camera and aim sensitivity is set very high to increase aim accuracy. Both of these are adjusted in the Options/Gameplay Menu under the Mouse and Keyboard Tab.

razer nostromo keymap feature

The Layout

I have chosen the layout below so that I can use the buttons I used simultaneously easily. For example, I can hold down aim, tap Survival Instincts to search for enemies, zoom to see better, fire/melee and move at the same time. This layout works like this:

  • My little finger rests on Aim (6) and I move it up to hit reload and down to hit the map.
  • Ring finger rests on Alt Fire (2) and moves down to tap Survival Instincts and down again to hold/tap button 12 for my mash E QTE script, mostly used to open crates and doors.
  • My middle finger rests on Interact (3/E), moves down one to hit zoom (8) and down again to tap/hold button 13 for my custom script when I have to alternative mash left/right arrows.
  • My index finger rests on Melee (9), moves up to hit Primary Fire (4) and down to hit F12 to take a screen shot. My index finger also moves right and up to hit Roll/Evade/Sprint (5) or just right to hit Jump (10).
  • My thumb controls movement with the joystick/D-pad, moves up to hold the Keymap button (16) as required and moves down to hit button 15 mapped to Survival Instincts (Q).

The GlovePIE and AutoHotKey Scripts mentioned in the layout below are the scripts we are using to making the button mashing Quick Time Events in Tomb Raider more accessible. If you struggle to hit a key (or two) repeatedly, you can replace it with the option to hold the key instead of hitting it repeatedly. Our AutoHotKey script is here and the GlovePIE script here.

Razer Nostromo Tomb Raider Annotated Image arrows pointing to keys

Keymap One (Blue)

  • 1 Reload (R)
  • 2 Alt Fire (Middle mouse)
  • 3 Interact (E)
  • 4 Primary Fire – Left Mouse (Click)
  • 5 Roll/Evade/Sprint (Shift)
  • 6 Aim – Right Mouse (Menu)
  • 7 Survival Instinct (Q)
  • 8 Zoom (Z)
  • 9 Melee (F)
  • 10 Jump (Space)
  • 11 Map / Scoreboard (Tab)
  • 12 Custom GlovePIE/AutoHotKey script mashing E (X)
  • 13 Custom GlovePIE/AutoHotKey script mashing left then right arrow (V)
  • 14 Take Steam Screenshot (F12)
  • 15 Survival Instinct (Q)
  • 16 Keymap: Toggle Red/Keymap 2
  • Wheel Up: Select Next Weapon (Mouse Scroll Wheel Up)
  • Middle Button: Alt Fire (Mouse Scroll Wheel Click)
  • Wheel Down: Select Previous Weapon (Mouse Scroll Wheel Down)
  • Joystick – WASD movement

Keymap 2 (Red)

  • 1 Select Bow/Primary Weapon (1)
  • 2 Select Pistol /Secondary Weapon (2)
  • 3 Select Shotgun/Explosive (3)
  • 4 Select SMG / Super Weapon (4)
  • 5 Text Chat (T)
  • 6 Walk (Ctrl)
  • 7 Shoulder Swap/Crouch (C)
  • 8 not bound
  • 9 Exit Menus (Escape)
  • 10 Y
  • 11 -13 Not bound
  • 14 Screen Shot Button
  • 15 Not bound
  • 16 Toggle keymap

I have not used the Razer Nostromo extensively due to a recent hand injury affecting my left index finger, which also happens to be the most used finger of the hand with the Nostromo, but when I have used it, it has played very well. For an accessibility analysis of Tomb Raider, have a look at our review here.