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Playing with a game pad on PC is sometimes easier than a mouse and keyboard. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing does not offer controller support, but with GlovePIE I have created a basic script to enable of use an Xbox 360 controller. Action RPGs do not lend themselves well to playing with a controller and despite setting the cursor sensitivity quite high, the movement of the cursor is soupy and not as quite as accurate as a mouse.

I have mapped it as follows: The left stick controls movement and the right the mouse pointer. The triggers are the two active skills and the bumpers for potions. A is space bar that triggers the set combo, B and X the tricks and Y switches the skillset. The Dpad has three powerups and Town Portal is mapped to the bottom key. The Start button is Escape that brings up the menu and Select is mapped to Alt which highlights items. Left stick click with switch weapons.

GlovePIE Controller Script for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

//Left Stick – Movement

keyboard.Up = XInput1.Joy1Y > 0.2
keyboard.Down = XInput1.Joy1Y < -0.2
keyboard.Left = XInput1.Joy1X < -0.2
keyboard.Right = XInput1.Joy1X > 0.2

// Right Stick – Mouse Pointer
Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + 60.0*deadzone(XInput1.Joy2X)
Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + 60.0*deadzone(XInput1.Joy2Y)

//If the sensitivity is too high, lower the figures above to reduce it.

// 360 Bumpers – Potions
keyboard.q = XInput1.LeftShoulder
keyboard.w = XInput1.RightShoulder

//360 Triggers – Active Skills
Mouse.RightButton = XInput1.RightTrigger
Mouse.LeftButton = XInput1.LeftTrigger

//360 Buttons ABXY = XInput1.A
keyboard.a = XInput1.B = XInput1.Y
keyboard.s = XInput1.X

//360 dPad = modifiers & town portal
keyboard.1 = Xinput1.Up
keyboard.2 = Xinput1.Right
keyboard.t = Xinput1.Down
keyboard.3 = Xinput1.Left

//360 Start and Select
keyboard.esc = XInput1.start
keyboard.alt = XInput1.back

//360 Stick Clicks
keyboard.r = XInput1.LeftThumb