Diablo III is designed to be played with a mouse. There are extensive keybinding options for the keyboard in-game, but there are no options to replace your mouse. The keys and functionality are set in stone. You move within the game through mouse movement. Your character essentially follows/ walks to your cursor. The two primary attacks and movement is bound to the mouse keys and you cannot remap those through the game interface. If you are struggling playing with a mouse, you could use an Xbox 360 controller instead. Below is a GlovePIE script to enable that.

Xbox 360 controller GlovePIE script for Diablo III

Just copy and past into a GlovePIE file. If you haven’t used GlovePIE and do not have it installed, instructions can be found here. It’s free, try it.

Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + 10*deadzone(XInput1.Joy1X)
Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY – 10*deadzone(XInput1.Joy1Y)

Mouse.LeftButton = XInput1.A
Mouse.RightButton = XInput1.B
keyboard.1 = XInput1.X
keyboard.2 = XInput1.Y
keyboard.3 = XInput1.LeftTrigger
keyboard.4 = XInput1.RightTrigger

//360 bumpers to heal Q and town portal T

keyboard.T = XInput1.LeftShoulder
keyboard.Q = XInput1.RightShoulder

//360 left and right analog click to Z (zoom) and shift (banner and force stand still)
keyboard.shift = XInput1.LeftThumb
keyboard.Z = XInput1.RightThumb

//Start and Select to escape and space (close all open tabs and open menu)
keyboard.esc = XInput1.start
keyboard.space = XInput1.back

//dPad Movement
keyboard.I = Xinput1.Up
keyboard.S = Xinput1.Right
keyboard.M = Xinput1.Down
keyboard.F = Xinput1.Left

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