pvz garden warfare screen

PopCap has announced Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, a third person action game “coming exclusively first to Xbox One and Xbox 360 followed by PC and other platforms”. It takes the traditional tower defense of PvZ and adds to it a third person shooter element, or in the words of Brian Lindley, PvZ producer: “In PvZ Garden Warfare we’ve tried to capture everything we love about epic action games and blended it with everything our fans love about PvZ”.

It has 4-player co-operative survivor mode showcased in a game play demo at EA’s E3 press conference last night. If you think playing a garlic-helicopter or cactus is awesome, the game play footage below will not disappoint.

Note: The video below contains bright visual effects until 40 seconds in, skip past it if this is a problem, it is only a cinematic introduction.

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