The Philips BDM3270QP LCD Monitor has a panel size of 32″ with a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. It provides a great gaming view point and it also makes working with at least 2 windows open a pleasure.

The internal pannel is a AMVA LCD screen which produces clear images and crisp, natural colours with the added bonus of being easy on my eyes. I found the brightness is adjustable and evenly distributed and it combines with the excellent colour display to complete and ergonomic monitor perfect for frequent use.

The screens grey-to-grey response rate is 4ms, which is fine for office use, but at the lower end of whats desireable for gaming. A 2ms or less is the ideal, but at 4ms I didn’t experience smearing of moving images and the overall picture remained smooth.

Refresh rate is 60Hz, which again is at the lower end for gaming where 120Hz or higher is the ideal, but we did not notice significant screen tearing or blurring of fast moving objects.

Looking beyond straight performance stats the monitor has an number of other plus points. It also has an ergonomic, adjustable stand, a USB 3.0 hub built in, multiple connection options, a VESA mount and MultiView that enables active dual connect and view at the same time.

Product Information

Price: RRP £439.99, £353.99 on Amazon
Included in the box: 1 x Philips BDM3270QP/00 32″ monitor with one cable for each connector type.

Retailer: Amazon +:

About Philips

Philips is a Dutch technology company based in Amsterdam founded in 1891 that operates on a global scale. It is one of the largest electronics companies in the world with over 105,000 employees, and an annual revenue of €21.39 billion. It specializes in home appliances, audio electronics, lighting and medical equipment.

Philips UK is based in Guildford, Surrey and employs 2 500 people nationwide.

Philips has an impressive environmental record for a global electronics company. Read about their sustainability in practice here (official site).

The Ergohacks Evaluation

Versatilephilips rotate

  • Multi-use monitor for work, study and gaming.
  • Home and work, not suitable for travel
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Gender neutral design with adjustable ergonomic stand that adapts to the user’s needs
  • High quality product ideal for frequent, extensive use
  • Optimized for use indoors with varied light conditions
  • Operating temperature ‎range: 0°-40‎°C
  • Temperature range in storage: -20‎° to 60‎°C
  • Relative humidity: 20-80%
  • Altitude: Operation +12,000 ft, Storage: +40,000 ft
  • MTBF: 70,000hrs (excluded backlight)

Inclusive Design

Vision: It is a large monitor with crystal clear display and the combination of anti-flicker, even brightness distribution and the high contrast rations of an AMVA LCD panel makes it a monitor accessible to those with photophobia, blurred or reduced vision or a visual impairment. 

Hearing: The monitor has two 3W built-in speakers of reasonably quality suitable for occasional use. It is silent in operation and does not produce any background noise at all. 

Dexterity: The monitor weighs 10.8kg with the stand, which isn’t particularly heavy for its size, but unboxing and assembling it will require lifting it and probably a second set of hands. The stand is adjustable and removable and the screen can also be VESA mounted on an arm to make it easier to move around. A screen in use should not require any dexterity skill and this monitor does have the above features that increases its flexibility in use as well. 

Mobility: The adjustable stand allows the monitor to be used in different positions very easily, ideal for hot desking, sit-stand desks and wheelchair users. It can also turn 180 degrees, increasing its flexibility so that it can be used as a monitor at a desk then swung round to face the couch to watch a movie.

Cognitive: It is easy to set up, use and adjust with intuitive buttons and software. Once optimised for a user, there is little need for further adjustment beyond turning it on and off. It has 21 OSD Languages, including English.

Mental health: No social interaction, loud noise or common triggers associated with the use of this product.

Ergonomic Design

One of the primary features of the monitor is its SmartErgoBase stand. It allows height, swivel, tilt and rotation angle adjustments.

  • philips side viewOptimized for frequent, high use
  • Optimized for right handed users with plugs and buttons situated on the right.
  • Can be used seated or standing
  • Height adjustment: 180 mm
  • Pivot: 90‎°
  • Swivel: -170/+170‎°
  • Tilt: -5/20‎°


The Philips BDM3270QP 32-Inch LCD Monitor is a cost-effective choice for frequent users. It has excellent view quality, ideal for watching movies, plenty of room for multi-tasking whilst working and a decent gaming display. The price tag is on par with similar spec products.

I didn’t use to think of a monitor as a same or energy saving device, but working on a high quality, larger screen definitely has significant benefits.

Being able to pull up more than one page instead of tabbing in and out makes life simpler and faster. Shifting from a smaller monitor to a larger one does save time and energy during the work day.

Environment & People

  • Built-in power saving: ECO mode (31 W), On mode (54.6W), Standby <0.5W, Off mode (Zero watts with AC switch).
  • 100% Recyclable packaging (some plastic)
  • EPEAT Gold, TCO, RoHS and EnergyStar 6.0 ratings
  • PVC/BFR free housing
  • Mercury and lead free
  • Cannot be disposed of with regular household waste


Monitor with stand (max height): 742 x 657 x 270 mm
Monitor without stand: 742 x 438 x 61 mm
Weight with stand: 10.76 kg
Weight without stand: 7.80 kg
Product with packaging (kg): 14.98 kg

LCD panel type: AMVA LCD
Backlight type: W-LED system
Panel Size: 32 inch / 81.3 cm
Effective viewing area: 708.48 (H) x 398.52 (V)
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Optimum resolution: 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz
Response time (typical): 12 ms
SmartResponse (typical): 4 ms (Grey to Grey)
Brightness: 300 cd/m²
Contrast ratio (typical): 3000:1
SmartContrast: 50,000,000:1
Pixel pitch: 0.277 x 0.277 mm
Viewing angle: 178º (H)/178º (V), @ C/R > 10
Picture enhancement: SmartImage
Display colours: Colour support 1.07 billion colours
Scanning Frequency: 15 – 99 kHz (H) / 23 – 76 Hz (V)
MHL: 1080P @ 60 Hz
sRGB: Yes
Brightness uniformity: 93% ~ 105%
Delta E: 3 (typ) for 6500K

Detailed specification here (official site).


It is a monitor that plugs into a computer or laptop as well as the mains outlet.

philips stand


I spent many hours on most days staring at a computer monitor. My work is computer-based, I love gaming, I am a part-time student and my course is computer based. A good monitor is very important and having spent two weeks using it, I can comfortably say that this Philips monitor is without a doubt a good monitor.

It has a high quality display and within this price bracket, there is usually a trade-off between panel size, image quality and responsiveness. It is a large monitor that performs beyond expectations on image quality and only lags a little behind the ideal on refresh and response rate. The adjustable stand makes it flexible, adjustable and ergonomic, it is one of the best panels to reduce eye fatigue and manufactured for durability.

Highly recommended.

The review is based on the Philips BDM3270QP 32-Inch LCD Monitor kindly provided by Philips.
This article was first published on 11 March 2016.