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I’ve always been a fan of standing desks. I spent about six months last year using a permanent standing desk but in the end had to switch back to a standard desk. I really felt better with the standing but by the time it gets to the evening I was just too tired to keep standing but I had to keep working. I ended up switching back to a sitting desk.

The answer seems to be a desk that can switch between sitting and standing. Ideally this would work via a crank, hydraulics or electronic motors but there is one major problem with that – cost. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a more economic way to do it and I think I’ve found it – the Perch. This Kickstarter project that has been running for a few days has already reached $120,000 – well over its $20,000 goal. It is essentially an adjustable 3d jigsaw desk. Set it up on top of your current desk and you get three easily adjustable shelves – one for your keyboard and mouse and two for your screens.

It’s a concept that makes you think – why didn’t I do that? Its simple and slots together without screws or nails which will make it easier for them to fulfill the Kickstarter and makes it possible to flatten to move yourself later if you need to.

From my personal perspective it is not perfect – while it could fit my laptop, screen, mouse and keyboard I’ve got so many extras – sheetfeed scanner, HOTAS flight stick, microphone and numerous external hard disks that despite the built in cable guides it might be a little much. If you had a simpler setup I can see it being perfect.

The best potential point? The price. There are two versions of the Perch – narrow and standard and they are $199 and $249 – £130 and £165 including shipping. That’s much cheaper than any convertible desk I’ve ever seen apart from hacks with Ikea equipment. The Kickstarter finishes on the first of November and Perch desks are expected to start shipping worldwide in February 2016.