A few months ago we reviewed and liked the Penclic Mini Keyboard K2. We liked its style, build quality and comfort but as soon as the review ended I switched back to my mechanical Corsair keyboard. This wasn’t because of issues with the K2 but because I’d gotten used to mechanical keys. The look of the K2 is superior and I loved its low footprint but for lots of typing the mechanical keyboard was just better for me. Penclic have now announced a product to fix this. The Penclic MK1 has the Penclic styling but uses Kailh brown mechanical keys which give a much better response than traditional membrane keys.



The MK2’s shape is described as tenkeyless which can be translated to it doesn’t have a numpad and the keys are shifted a little to the left. This gives the keyboard a smaller footprint and theoretically makes it more ergonomic as you have less distance to reach to your mouse and your hands can sit within the width of your shoulders.

The keyboard’s other specs are also as good as you’d expect – backlighting, compatibility with all HID 1.1 systems which means XP or later, OSX 10.1 or later and most Linux, USB connection and anti-ghosting.

The keyboard is available in the US for $140 – around £90. We’ve reached out to Penclic to ask about a UK version of the keyboard and availability and will update with their response.

Update: Good news – there is to be a UK version and  it’ll be priced at €109 or around £80. It should be on the Penclic website soon as well as Amazon UK and Ergo2Work UK