Customisable controllers and hardware seem to be one of the trends that are appearing this year with Google’s Project Ara, the continued growth of the Raspberry Pi and a Kickstarter in the space we saw last year is now available for pre-order.


The Palette is a set of switches, buttons, dials and sliders that can be plugged together in any right angled shape.  The idea is that you select the inputs that make the most sense for you and your use case and then can customise to get your ideal setup. Each of the modules can connect to any other and the whole setup connects via USB to your PC.  Your PC then runs a program that interprets the inputs and allows macros and fine control.  The suggested use cases are for programs like Lightroom  and Photoshop and programs that already support keyboard shortcuts but as with almost any modular hardware the accessibility possibilities are obvious.

The pre-orders are for four different kits from the starter kit with 4 modules at $99 to the professional at $399 that contains 16 modules.  They are estimated to be delivered in the Autumn this year with a $20 worldwide shipping fee.  The software should support Windows, Max OSX 10.6 and up and Linux and is promised to be extensible allowing modification by the user.

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