Beanbags are one of the best additions to any home because they offer support that moulds to the contours of your body without restrictions. Unfortunately the average bean bag is difficult to get into and even more difficult to get out of. The ‘P’ pod combines a symmetrical or custom moulded support on top of a conventional beanbag base. It offers more stability, easier access and comes with a host of accessories.

ppod feature

It has a growth liner that allows for expansion as a child grows, a flip-over headrest, a foot bolster, a mobile base, trays and an activity frame that can be added to the basic unit. The ‘P’ Pod is available in a host of colours and fits in well with a normal home or educational environment and without the custom mould, it can be a standard seat for anyone, allowing it to be just another chair in the room. If a custom mould is required or if it is a special purchase for someone, there is an embroidery option available to add their name to the lining.

“All components of the ‘P’ Pod are manufactured and assembled at our site in Tutbury, Staffordshire. We pride ourselves on a four-week turnaround time from order to delivery.”

Product Information: ‘P’ Pod brochure.
Manufacturer: Specialised Orthotic Services