The OXO brand is known for creating innovative, stylish, thoughtful products that makes every day living easier. The OXO Tot brand extends this same philosophy to products for babies and toddlers. Food related products are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free. I am a huge fan of the OXO design and find all their products I have used outshines any adaptive aids I have tried. It is also a brand that doesn’t shy away from making things look classy. The OXO Tot range has some lovely items and all were created by following universal design principles.

oxo tot

I particularly covet the On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser, the Booster Seat for Big Kids and Cup for Big Kids but have not been able to find a UK based retailer that does not hike the price to ridiculously expensive levels.

For parents looking for ergonomic easy to use equipment

Most baby products are accessible to accommodate the natural clumsiness of small children learning for the first time how to use their hands. The parent operated products however, leave quite a bit to be desired with small clips that are impossible to grip, air-tight containers that should pop open and never does and storage containers that are impossible to keep clean. All OXO Tot items are easy to use by both toddlers and parents alike. As a parent with hands that does not work well, that is a very big selling point.

Repurposed as adaptive aids

The Big Kids products can easily be adult products as well, particularly for those of us with small, fragile hands that do not grip things very well. It would not pass for traditional tableware, but they do make great containers for packed lunches, snacks and picnics. The Tot Twist Top Water Bottle would be something I would happily attach to my wheelchair and I quite like the Tot Flip-Top Snack Cup.

I think the Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers could be great for anyone who has issues with nausea and vomiting to make small frozen snacks or to use as storage for yogurt, sauces and dips that always leak. The Tot Bowl Set does not scream toddler either and the non-slip base would make it easy to eat leftovers later. Toddler products are often very ergonomic and for someone with a small appetite and smaller hands, they can be comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Company: OXO, pronounced “Ox-Oh” is a New York based company founded in 1990 on the philosophy of Universal Design.