Small systems like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino have become much more popular over the last couple of years and Dentaku London have started a kickstarter for a musical circuit board, the Ototo that we covered here, in the same vein.

The system is a tiny synthesizer with 12 inputs, 4 sensors and a small speaker.  The inputs can be wired up to objects to make different sounds – they use an oberjene to demonstrate this!  The system is USB or battery powered.  It is an interesting mix of basic electronics and musical options allowing control of loudness, pitch and timbre as well as the individual notes.

Ototo have currently reached £17,292 of their £50,000 goal with 21 days yet to run.  The lowest pledge to recieve a board is  £45 with a predicted ship date of June 2014.

Ototo Kickstarter

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