Osmos is beautiful. It is simplistic with an ecovative soundtrack. Playing Osmos has the same effect as stroking a cat for ten minutes, it’s impossible not to feel relaxed and content whilst it’s floating on the screen. It is also one of the best physics games ever made and a must-own must-play game. It debuted on PC in August 2009, on iOS a year later and reached Android mobile devices in January 2012. I played it on the PC, played it on the iPad, played it on Android and it still remains on my list of regular games I keep returning to.

The Ergohacks Verdict

Osmos is an iconic game that was incredibly well-received on all platforms with Apple naming it the iPad Game of the Year. It is an exquisite game, beautifully and cleverly designed to educate and entertain. Go and play it right now. essential200

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Price: ± £2.99 – 6.99
Free Demo available on Steam


Hemisphere Games is:

Eddy Boxerman (aka eddybox) got his professional start in the games industry as a physics/animation programmer, but his interest and excitement for game design and the larger creative process involved in making games led him to strike out for indie shores and found Hemisphere Games. First came Osmos. These days he’s co-creating Karmaka with Dave Burke and helping Steve Swink on Scale. He previously spent several years at Ubisoft Montreal on the Splinter Cell franchise, along with more esoteric jobs over the years.

Dave Burke was, in a previous life, an Unreal Engine 3 developer at Epic Games and worked on the Gears of War and Unreal Tournament franchises. He joined ship for the IGF 2009 crunch and submission of Osmos, and continued to work away at the core of Osmos over years of ports, zen-polish, and multiplayer excitement. These days he is co-creating Karmaka, creating slick game engine tech, and inventing new game prototypes that will be your favourite games of tomorrow.


Enter the Darwinian world of a galactic mote.

To survive, absorb smaller organisms and grow—but beware of larger predators.

Osmos features unique physics-based play, stellar graphics, and a hypnotic ambient soundtrack. Absorb or be absorbed!


  • Progress from serenely ambient levels into varied and more challenging worlds.
  • 47 levels, plus bonus content
  • Confront attractors, repulsors and intelligent motes with similar abilities and goals as you
  • Procedural content: play random versions of any level
  • Sublime electronic soundtrack by Loscil, Gas/High Skies, Julien Neto, Biosphere, and more
  • Dynamic time-warping: slow down the flow of time to outmaneuver agile opponents; speed it up to raise the challenge


Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux
Genre: Physics based puzzle game
Layout: Map-based
Number of players: single player
Difficulty setting: Standard

educationalergonomicinclusivedesignBuild quality

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on playing Osmos on PC, Android and iOS. This article was first published on 22 April 2012 and last updated on June 2017.