Osmond Ergonomics are a company that have a number of fingers in the ergonomics pie.  They run ergonomics.co.uk and sell desks, chairs, and ergonomic equipment.  They offer training and seminars.  The offer an assessment at your business and multiple different types of consultations from space planning for an office to osteopathy.

Laptop Seated Ergonomics

If you are a computer user and know relatively little about ergonomics except for the fact that you should know more they offer a free webinar – Workstation Postural Awareness that is run around once a month. This webinar takes you through exactly what you a should be doing as compared to what you probably are doing and explains why the difference is there. It looks at what ergonomics is and why it is important, seating posture and chairs, desk, keyboard and mouse, screen height and distance and document management.  The webinar also focuses on how to best use a laptop and standing desks in general.

If you are part of an organisation and want to get more than three people trained at the same time they can arrange a time to suit you otherwise Osmond have an EventBrite page.  The webinar does not push Osmond’s services or products and there isn’t any pressure to do more, so if you work at a desk and know nothing about ergonomics this is a great place to start and something that you should know.