The Ergohacks Verdict

In-ear Bluetooth headphones are by this point nothing new. They’ve gone from a rarity to the near standard with both Apple and Google dropping the wired headset jack. The lower end of the market has dropped in price to less than ten pounds but for that price, you get a poor experience. Conversely, when you get to the top of the market you get amazing workmanship and something that’ll last you for years – if you don’t lose them. What I wanted was something that would give me decent sound for podcasts and music, would stay in in an ordinary active day, that I could sit on without breaking and that wouldn’t cost too much. Optoma has produced some great headphones like the HEM8s but at over £300 they’re overkill for day to day use.

Enter the NuForce BE2 Headphones. The BE2s are in-ear Bluetooth headphones with an aluminium body around the ear tips. They have a ten-hour battery life and magnets to let them click together when draped around your neck.  They’ve got a clip integrated with the kevlar reinforced strap to let them be tightened to your head. They’re IPX5 protected – waterjets from any direction –  and solid enough to sit on. To top off they’re fifty pounds. That’s not quite disposable territory but it’s economical enough that you’re not worried about them taking a few bashes.

The specs line up – does the experience? Yes. The BE2’s are as hardy as promised and have reasonable if not great sound quality for Bluetooth in-ear headphones. The mids were decent and the bass was less than I’d hoped but still fine for most music. The BE2’s are comfortable to wear if little heavier than I’d expect – a result of the bigger battery for the 10-hour battery life. I had a little trouble deciding on what the right silicon tips were for my oddly shaped ears but once I got used to twisting the Spinfit tips as I put the earphones in they were secure and quite noise isolating.

I’ve been using them for my daily drivers for the last couple of weeks and although they’re somewhat aimed at a fitness market they’ve been perfect for normal use. If you want a decent, tough and economic set of headphones they’re a great choice. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential


Buy it from Optoma and Amazon  

Price: ± £50
Included: Four pairs of ear inserts, headphones, microUSB cable and quick start guide


Cable length: 58cm
Item Weight:
Colour: Black or white
Format: AAC or MP3 Support
Release date: September 2017
Materials: Rubber and Plastic with silicon ear tips
Waterproof: IPX5 – Will protect your stuff from water jets at any direction.
Power: Integrated Lithium-Ion rechargeable via microUSB quoted at 10 hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth V4.1
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Sensitivity: 100±3DB AT 1K HZ
Driver unit: 6 mm
Impedance: 16 OHM
Driver type: Dynamic

Supported codecs: HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4, AAC, SBC


As with every other set of Bluetooth headphones the BE2’s need an audio source – usually your phone.

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About Optoma

Optoma is a multinational company that specializes in audiovisual equipment including home and business projectors, cinema equipment, image processing equipment and some software. They also produce the BE line of headphones. They are part of the Coretronic group that includes NUForce,  Young Lighting, and Nano Precision. They’re based in Taiwan and employe just under 2000 people.

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on three weeks of listening, tinkering, testing and using the NuForce BE2 kindly loaned by Optoma during October 2017.  This article was first published on 11 October 2017