If like me you have recently entered higher education and are now finding yourself thrown back into report writing and research one thing that might well be new for you is proper referencing. I found the principle sensible – always show where you found some information – but the actual execution was somewhat confusing.

I spent some time researching what the best way to handle it was and came up with Neil’s Tool Box. The site has the tagline ‘a few things to make life a little easier’ and that’s a good way to describe it. It offers a choice of what type of reference you want to make – book, chapter, journal, website or even email then lets you fill in the relevant information and get a an appropriately styled reference in the clipboard to paste into your document.

Looking further into the site there are a number of other student resources including a speed writter, plagiarism checker, clarity checker and definition checker. All very useful for students and worth checking out : Neil’s Tool Box.