We’ve had a number of questions about the OnePlus 2 we reviewed last week – specifically about the camera. I’m not a professional photographer but I have tried out all the modes on the OnePlus 2 and below are examples of each.

The camera has 5 modes. Each has its own subsettings and there are a number of filters that can be applied later. None of the below images have filters or any form of modification nor did I use tripods or external mics.

Photographs – resolution, save location, shutter sound and aiming grid.

Wilton House Water Garden

Video – resolution

Panorama – no options. Click through to see the picture below in full.

Panorama Water Garden Wilton House

Slow Motion – no options.

Time Lapse – resolution

Is the camera on the OnePlus 2 good?  Yes.  Is it great? No. It’s slower than it should be – taking the photo at a reasonable speed but having to process for around a second afterwards which really throws you off if you are trying to take action shots. The video works well but has a habit of focusing on different points at inconvenient times. These seem to be more software issues than hardware. I tried using the Google Camera App and the delay was no longer there. Hopefully camera optimisation is something that OnePlus can look at and get streamlined so that we do not need to use third party apps but even now with a little tweaking the OnePlus 2 can take great photos.


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