Hacking site hackaday.com recently featured a traditional 80’s style arcade  joystick controller with a twist – it would work with multiple systems.  Its maker Dave Nuez called it the MULTICON_RETRO from MULTIple CONsoles of the RETRO kind.


He goes into great detail of how he made it but summarises it down to three points.

1. Arcade quality controls

2. Interfacing controls to consoles

I knew I wanted to support the NES, SNES and Atari 2600 (I have an N64, but that has analog controls, so I excluded it).

3. Nice enclosure

This was the hardest part. I had done some small things on the CNC machine, but never something this complex.

Apart from the detail Nuez’s process is fascinating because he has deliberately designed the controller to be mass producible.  The parts are all off the shelf and the case is simple painted MDF.  It is a fascinating read and has enough information in it that you would be able to reproduce it – if you had sufficient skill.

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