The NFC Kickstarter ring we covered here has fully funded yesterday with a total funding level of  £241,894.  The NFC ring is a ring with two NFC chips in that can be used to unlock doors, unlock or carry out actions on mobile phones or transfer information.

The Kickstarter originally asked for £30,000 but has massively overfunded.  As such they’ve announced and achieved several stretch goals.  These are

  • £30,000 – Multiple rings/inlay
  • £32000 – Sweet Spot Sticker with every ring
  • £35,000 – Choice of Steel or Titanium Ring for all models.
  • £40,000 – We provide An Android NFC Phone Unlock App, saving you 3$ on the Play Store!
  • £50,000 – Investigate Windows Phone App
  • £60,000 – Provide 1/2 size rings IE 7.5, 8.5, 9.5….
  • £70,000 – Contribute source code & Lobby Android community for NFC unlock in core
  • £80,000 – Create option of stealth bomber black ring (all black)
  • £100,000 – 5 color inlay options (white, black, black carbon fiber, silver, wood).
  • £110,000 – Windows Phone App
  • £125,000 – Nickel free Titanium Ring Option
  • £150,000 – Different color options for the ring metal (IE Black/Blue)
  • £200,000 – Ten color inlay options, chose from 10 different color sets.
  • £225,000 – Transparent Inlay cover option, see the electronics inside the ring!

If you are a backer they are looking to ship in September to October this year depending on which version of the the ring you have backed.  If you have not backed it but regret it now they will be available at at some point later this year.

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