We’ve written before about X-Key custom controllers and the company behind them has announced a new product – the XK-12 USB Switch Interface.

The XK-12 is in effect a hub for accessiblity switches that allows you to plug up to 12 (with extenders) switches into it.

XKey XK12

Bundled with the hub is software then triggers an action for each switch and this can be keyboard presses, mouse emulation or combination macros.  Natively the hub takes 6 switches, but splitters for each can be bundled in to add up to the possible total number of ports.  There’s nothing in the XK-12 that has not been possible via DIY in the past, but it makes the addition of switches to a computer straightforward and simple.

The XK-12 is available now for $99 – around £63 from the US site (which does offer international shipping) but is to come to the UK sites of Keytools and Keyboard Specialists at some point in the future.  It requires USB 1.0 and has bundled software for the Mac and PC.

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