When the Humble Bundle first launched we all loved it – indie games at such a low price and we were supporting charity whist buying them.  As time has moved on we’ve realised that although the games are often very good deals there are so many games that there is not time to buy them all no matter how careful and quick we try to be.  There are always exceptions to prove a rule and last night the Humble Mobile Bundle 10 was launched.

So what games are included?  Any price (over $1) gets you Buddy & Me, LYNE and Doodle Kingdom.  Pay over the average currently $3.92 and get Sorcery! 2, King of Dragon Press and OTTD with the possibility of more games soon.  If you have a young gamer Buddy and Me is very worth looking at and if you like puzzles LYNE can be addictive.  In the ‘over the average’ section OTTTD or Over The Top Tower Defense delivers what it promises and should be a must for any serious tower defense fans.

If you do not already have these games this is a Humble Bundle not to miss.

Humble Bundle

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