Showering is not something most of us think about but start-up Nebia has just launched a Kickstarter with their vision of the shower of the future. The Nebia works by using very small and precise nozzels to produce tiny droplets of water rather than the streams that a normal shower uses.

This misting effect means that it is far more water efficient than a standard shower – around 70% less water used. The actual device looks very space age – a large metal slide that moves the main head up and down with a fingertip attached to a second hose with a smaller head for extra control. Water pressure and temperature is controlled externally with your current boiler although this does make it unlikely those of use with a electric shower can use this.


The project launched last night on Kickstarter and has already made it’s $100,000 target with $106,752 as of the time of writing. If you want to back the project a single shower is available for $269 with a planned long term price of around $399. Delivery is expected May 2016.

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