We all know we should be carrying and drinking more water and that using disposable water bottles is bad for the environment and for our health. The obvious answer is a personal water bottle that we fill ourselves but there are a bewildering number of options available. There seem to be all shapes, sizes, materials and colors so how do you pick one that works for you?

Nalgene make a line of nearly indestructible water bottles. I first encountered them after getting a Maxpedition bags that had a compartment designed specifically for them and picked up a bottle with the inscription from a Denver hospital. I’ve no idea how it ended up in the UK but around 6 years later the bottle is holding up perfectly even if the inscription has rubbed off. The trademark of Nalgene is the wide mouth of it’s one litre bottle which is distinctively shaped to allow for easier cleaning and to make it easier to fill. It makes the bottle look rather squat and short in proportion but that also has the advantage that its harder knock over by accident. It takes a little adapting to drinking from the wide mouth but you can get inserts that give you best of both worlds – a large mouth for cleaning and putting in ice and a small hole for drinking.

So what are the other specs? They’re BPA and odour free, impact resistant, and safe between -40°C and 100°C and it’s relatively light. It’s leak proof. It comes with approximate fill levels marked on the outside. It’s dishwasher proof. Beyond that if there’s something specific extra you need the chances are its available – there are insulating sleeves, cups that fit on the base, sippy inserts, filter inserts, a glow in the dark version and more.

In short if you’re want a tough water bottle Nalgene is a great place to start and the 1l wide mouth is a great bottle to start with.