Nairn’s manufacture a range of wholegrain oatcakes – with a large selection of certified gluten-free flavours. They make oatcakes, oat crackers and oat biscuits from wholegrain oats that are low on added anything. They’re high fibre, have low or no sugar and salt, The ingredients list is always short with no artificial additives and they’re fairly low carb at 3 – 6 carbs per biscuit. We love them with cheese, a glass of milk or as a lunch box centrepiece with almond butter and banana or dipped in houmous.

The Ergohacks Verdict

It’s hard to find healthy all round biscuits. Crackers may seem like an insignificant thing, but I’ve spent ages searching for lower carb, whole grain, gluten-free, healthy (no unnecessary additives, low sugar, low salt, high fibre), eco (sustainably sourced, organic options) yeast-free alternatives to lunchbox sandwiches. I’ve stopped looking after discovering Nairns. They’re perfect for our six-year-old with Type 1 Diabetes and digestive issues and I’ve happily embraced them as an integral part of any cheeseboard.

It hard to find Gluten free food that doesn’t taste like plastic, isn’t made mainly with rice flour and a laundry list of ingredients I can’t pronounce with a reasonable price tag. Nairns tick all the boxes with their oatcakes, crackers and biscuits. Highly recommended.


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About Nairns

Nairn’s is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and their Oatcake factory is one of the largest in the world. Oats is the only grain that flourishes in the Scottish climate and Oatcakes are a Scottish invention and delicacy. It is an ethical company with global distribution and has an in-house team dedicated to finding and implementing environmentally friendly initiatives. Nairn’s oats are mainly sourced from Scotland, except their gluten-free oats which is shipped in from Wyoming. All their oats are grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or insecticides.



Guaranteed gluten-free options are available as well as certified organic oatcakes suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Ingredients are mainly oats (>80% generally). Nairn’s Allergy Advice*:”Both our recipe and factory are nut free. We cannot guarantee that our ingredients are nut free. Manufactured on equipment that handles milk. Not suitable if you are allergic to the protein Avenin.”


Made in Scotland, oats sourced from Scottish Highlands and gluten-free oats sourced from Wyoming.



 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on more than two years of regularly purchasing products from the entire Nairns range. This article was first published on 14 May 2016 and last updated on 15 May 2017.