New, interesting and innovative control mechanisms for computers and phones only come along very rarely.  Gesture control has been the big thing to be cracked for the last few years with the Kinect, Leap Motion and many others making a stab at it but never getting it quite perfect.  All these systems have relied on a series of cameras to interpret your bodies movement and translate that into a control but the Myo goes a different way and puts the sensor on you instead.  The Myo armband reads the electric activity in your muscles and uses internal gyroscopes to register as your arm moves and converts that into signals and controls for the computer.  The Myo works via bluetooth and has been demonstrated working with PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

The makers of the Myo, Thalmic Labs have gotten the hardware up and running properly and spent 2014 seeding an alpha developer version of the device to developers to try get a good range of drivers, programs and ideas working with it before a consumer launch.  This developer version stopped being sold last year and Thalmic are now taking pre-orders for an updated beta version of the Myo with delivery due in two to three weeks.  This version is still not quite the full consumer version but is closer and will be interesting for tinkerers.  It is available for $199 (£130) in Black or White in the US and will ship to the UK for a further $30 (£19).

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