Cass proclaimed her desire to visit some museums recently. We had a weekend free, booked a Travelodge in Portishead (very affordable for a Saturday night) and set out for Bristol on a bright Saturday morning. We hit the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery first.

It’s situated on the triangle in Bristol and entry is free. On walking in, the first thing Cass saw was the¬†Bristol Boxkite suspended from the ceiling. It got the place an immediate thumbs up. The museum has an eclectic collection of art, silver, Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs, wildlife, geology, Alfred the gorilla, a Gypsy caravan, pottery, ceramics and glass. It has a curiosities shop that is very reasonably priced with a wide range of pocket money items and the cafe has a good gluten free selection, homemade soup and fresh sandwiches, but go early because all the good stuff is gone by 2-3pm.

Next up was MShed that tells the story of Bristol from prehistoric times to the present day. Cass loved George Pocock’s idea of a kite-drawn carriage, The Charvolent, that was capable of making trips from Bristol for up to 113 miles. We were keen to visit the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 Exhibition, but Cass had a bad low blood glucose that wouldn’t come back up and with a headache, blurred eyes, fuzzy brain and tired legs, wandering through an exhibition quickly lost its appeal.

Instead, we headed back across the river once she was a bit more sorted and stumbled into the Arnolfini looking for sugary sustenance, but instead found a family art event totally by accident. It was brilliant. We spent a couple of hours making art from everyday materials. If you have kids – definitely check out their regular workshops during holidays and over some weekends.

Bristol is a vibrant city where there is always something to see and experience. Healthy eateries abound and it really has something for every one or more accurately, a little bit of everything – science, history, art, nature, culture, theatre, music – for an eclectic taste. Bristol’s museums are treasure troves and served us up a great introduction to the joys of museuming for our six year old who wants to know everything about everything.