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Travel in built up urban environments is a problem that has been getting slowly worse and worse over the last few years. The roads are getting busier and more dangerous, smog is getting worse, charges and regulations are being increased and parking is a nightmare. Electric cars and self driving cars might solve some of these issues when they become a practical reality and public transport will play a part but another part of the solution will have to be personalised short distance transport.

There are several competitors in this market including a number of electric scooters but the Moveo has a different take than most. It calls itself an electric scooter but I’d say it looks and handles more like a moped. All of this looks nice but unremarkable until you see them folding it.  After a few clips and turns the folded result looks similar to a roll along bag that you would check in for a flight at a not unmanageable 25kg.  It is something that others have tried but Moveo seems to have gotten closer to right than anyone I’ve yet seen.

Technically the Moveo stacks up reasonably well – a maximum speed of 45km/hour (28mph), a range of 35km (22 miles) and a recharge time of 1 hour which would allow for most people’s commute.

So how would I go about getting a Moveo?  The story here is not as good. Their site will let you express an interest in purchasing one but there is no price or even estimates of timelines. The site is also appealing for investors and they seem to have tried crowdfunding without success.

If you are interested the site is at