“Move Fast and Break things” is the iconic Zuckerberg quote describing how Facebook is run, but is it a theory that can actually work for anyone other than Facebook? What does the quote really mean? It’s the idea that the best way to progress is to try out lots of new ideas quickly and see if they work and survive. If they do work refine and use them, if they don’t take off stop them and you’ve not spent too much time on them.

In this process its okay to break things and pushing the boundaries is actively encouraged.

Or is it?  Zach Holoman  is an ex-GitHub programmer who gave a talk at the Future of Web Apps in October last year about how he thinks the better way would be to move fast and break nothing. The talk is fascinating and worth a watch if you are interested in web development but you can summarise it down to a couple of sentences.  Move fast and don’t break critical things. Get rid of the gruntwork and  focus on the bits that matter.

Holoman has also put up the sides for his talk and a summary on his blog at zacholoman.com.  If you can’t invest the time to watch the video the summary is still well worth a read.

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