Until relatively recently Motorola has not had a big foothold in the European market, being more focused on the US but they have recently been trying to expand their range into the lower cheaper ends of the market.  They made big inroads with the Moto G launched last year and have now announced an update to the Moto G and the new Moto E.

Moto E

So what are the phones like?  The 2014 Moto G is very similar to its 2013 companion but with one major change – the addition of  a 4g LTE radio with UK bands.  This means your connection speed, if you are in the right area, will go up from a couple of Mps to 50 Mps.  They’ve also added a microSD card slot and kept the base price at £149.

The new Moto E has a very respectable set of specs for a mid-range phone.  4.3 inch display, a 5 megapixel camera.  It also has 4GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and a microSD card slot.  It has a removable backplate, Bluetooth, GPS and all the normal sensors and runs the most up to date version of Android KitKat.  The most important specification is the price – a base of £89.

Motorola has spent the last year making good progress to taking over the low end of the Android market showing that cheap does not mean bad quality.  The Moto G is an excellent phone that the update can only make better an if the Moto E delivers it will be the first best choice for a cheap smartphone.


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