If you are an electric wheelchair user and looking for a new accessible vehicle or wheelchair you will know that as much as reading the specifications and looking at pictures is helpful nothing quite matches actually trying them out and giving them a go.  Motability is the organisation in the UK that handles most peoples accessible vehicles, as it can be paid for using DLA, and they are holding a free event in Exeter next month to give this hands on.


The event is being held at the Westpoint in Exeter from 9am until 4pm and will include:

  • Over 50 cars from 13 car makers
  • Over 30 scooters and powered wheelchairs
  • Over 20 wheelchair accesible vehicles or WAVs
  • 30 plus cars to test drive including 15 which are adapted for specific circumstances.
  • Other experts and motability partners, mainly car focused.

Exeter may not be an easy place to get to for some people but if you are considering a new vehicle or wheelchair it might be worth looking at the show and seeing if you can make it.  Motability have commendably put a good amount of information about what will be available online, with the adoptions available for test drives being particularly interesting.

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