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This review was originally written and published in April 2014 and was updated with the advantage of another years’ use in May 2015.

The Morphy Richards Nesta 47130 Filter Coffee maker and Dispenser is a 12 cup filter coffee machine with a somewhat unusual design. Most filter machines have a glass (or metal) jug which contains the coffee after it is brewed. The Nesta’s jug and heater is a built in part of the machine so to get coffee you press your cup to the dispenser button rather than pouring.

The Nesta has a number of other features including a programmable timer and a push-button variation in brew strength and comes with a large insulated travel mug. It is aimed at those who want reasonable coffee available over a time period but who do not like the normal jugs.

Features and Accessibility

Design & Visual Accessibility

Visually the Nesta is a rectangular black machine with an LED and control buttons on the front with a dispenser below them. Underneath the dispenser and dispenser button is a removable drip tray. Approaching from the top of the machine the top hinges back revealing a nylon filter basket and a plastic holder. These are removed and underneath is the tanks which contains the brewed coffee. Remove that tank and underneath is another tank which contains the cold water before the machines brews.

The whole machine is black with silver highlights and the LED is blue glowing.

The only potential visual accessibility issue is the LED display. The text on it is relatively small black on a light blue background which may be difficult to read for some. It is possible to get around this as the individual messages appear at specific parts of the display – learn where the messages appear and you do not actually have to read them. The other issue with the display is the fact that the blue glow cannot be switched off without switching off the whole machine, which resets the clock and makes the autostart function useless.

Audio & Accessibility

The Nesta has one audio component – it beeps a single time when the coffee has finished brewing. It also shows this on the LED screen and in the capacity meter on the side of the device so you are at little disadvantage if you cannot hear the beep.

In use it makes little noise apart from a slight gurgling when the coffee is filtering. When keeping your coffee hot I have not been able to hear anything from it although is should be noted that a couple of reviewers have reported a very high pitched electrical hum.

Input and Touch

Once loaded the machine is controlled by four buttons on the four corners of the LED screen. These turn the machine on and off, let you set it to autobrew, set the brew strength and let you set the keep warm time. There are also two rubber buttons beneath the LED screen that let you set the clock and when the autobrew goes off. The buttons are all easy to press requiring little force.

Underneath the dispenser is a large button designed to be pressed by your coffee cup to get coffee. This is large and well-defined but as it is connected physically to the valve takes quite a lot of force to push. I have found myself pushing the whole machine back along the side trying to get coffee to pour. This can be solved by putting the Nesta against a wall, but it still needs a fair amount of a push to operate.

The second issue is that it is quite close to the overhanging dispenser, meaning that it can be difficult to tell how much yo have filled up your cup.

Loading the Nesta takes a certain amount of physical strength. The removable water tank needs to be filled with water and then poured into the non removable one. After this the coffee filter needs to be placed on top of the now empty tank and filter coffee spooned in. It would be possible to reduce the lifting requirements, for example by using a hose to fill the fixed tank but the removable tank would still need to be removed (empty) to give access to the fixed tank and for occasional cleaning.

Ease of Use

The Nesta comes with a simple how to sheet, but if you have used filter coffee machines before the parts should be familiar even if the layout is somewhat unusual.

Once you have adjusted to this layout the machine is simple to use. The clock, timer, strength and keep warm are all sensibly controlled, although the clock is almost too easy to set and I have found myself changing it by accident.

There are a couple of drawbacks with the coffee dispensing itself but it is simple and obvious how to use.

Product Information

Manufacturer: Morphy Richards
Price: £39.99 with free delivery
Retailer: Amazon

Included In The Box 

  • Nesta Coffee machine
  • Travel insulated cup


The Nesta is an interesting and unique take on a home filter coffee machine and the fact that it dispenses with the easily breakable glass jug gives it one up on most of the market. It is simple and quite accessible to use, although needing a certain amount of physical strength to prepare. Best and most importantly it gives a good and flavoursome cup of coffee. Recommended to filter coffee lovers who will drink three to four cups of coffee within a two to three hours and those who are able to push a cup into the dispensing button and have some one else to prime the machine for them.

After another year of use I would still recommend the Nesta. With the exception of the valve developing a few drips for the last cup of coffee it has lasted very well through a couple of pots of coffee a day for a whole year. It is as accessible and sensible a design and would make a great addition to almost any coffee lovers kitchen.

The Morphy Richards Nesta 47130 Filter Coffee Maker and Dispenser was released in May 2012.


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