A month or so ago we reviewed the Taga convertible pushchair bike and we loved it for up to five year olds. Since then we’ve  been interested in  looking for alternatives for slightly larger children, adults and cargo. We found the Morpheus.


We were looking for flexibility – the Morpheus is very flexible. At its core the bike is a standard road back at the back with a front section reclined seat that can also be any of a number of things. It can carry cargo. It can have a child or adult (who can also assist with the cycling). It can accommodate the disabled. It can be altered into a touring bike and also carry luggage. It can take a baby seat. It can take one or two toddler seats. It is changeable between these modes either only a small amount of work (the cargo rack is a little more work).

The bike has 6 base models which with different gearing, tyres and brake systems.  It can be tried out in a number of locations across the UK or ordered directly. In short it seems to do everything you can think of and might conceivably want to do with a two or more people on a bike.



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