Moose Math is a charming children’s game that teaches basic skills like number recognition, counting up to 100, adding, subtraction and recognizing basic geometric shapes. It is set in the style of a small side-scrolling village with three buildings – the Moose Juice Store, Puck’s Pet Shop and Lost & Found.

Tap one each to enter, level up through 5 activities and claim a reward on each level achievement that can be used to decorate the village or expand the shop.

It is a beautiful microcosm for kids eager to learn about numbers and even better, it has a soothing soundtrack, beautiful design and cute characters that adults playing alongside kids can also appreciate.


High educational value

Moose Math has all the trappings of a good game – it plays well, it provides hours of fun and at the same time little ones learn useful number skills. It is one of my 4-year old’s favourite games to play.

Make smoothies, paint pets and find lost things

Moose Math features 5 activities:
1. Make smoothies while practicing counting, addition and subtraction in the Moose Juice Store.
2. Match the pets by counting the number of dots in Pick’s Pet Shop.
3. Play Pet Bingo: Solve addition, subtraction and counting problems to get BINGO
4. Learn and sort through shapes and colors in Lost & Found.
5. Help the Dust Funny find his way home by joining the dots.

Product Information

About Duck Duck Moose, Inc.

“Founded in 2008 by three friends who were intrigued by the possibility of helping shape a child’s learning in positive ways. Since then, we’ve grown to a team of twenty energetic designers, illustrators, engineers and product people who are passionate about creating the next generation of games for kids to grow up with.” Read more on the official About Us page.


RRP £1.20 – £1.99
Retailer: Play StoreApp Store

Ergohacks Moose Math Review - Picture of smoothie mini-game


Players: Single Player with multiple player save slots
Language: English
PEGI 3+, Apple 4+
Platform: Android, iOS
Size: 102 MB

Target audience

3 – 8 year olds.


iOS: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.
Android: 2.3 and up



It is accessible to anyone with a mild-moderate visual impairment, including those who experience visual symptoms, like photophobia (light sensitivity), eye strain or colour blindness. Text size is large and against a high contrast background, there is no flash or flicker, interactive items are bright and easy to see and there is no reliance on colour as the only indicator.


It is accessible to anyone with a hearing impairment, including the deaf and those who experience auditory symptoms, like tinnitus or hyperacusis (sound sensitivity), but more challenging. There are auditory cues and instructions that do not have visual counterparts, playing without access to sound makes the game more challenging to learn and enjoy. I would recommend that an adult who can hear plays with children who have a hearing impairment to translate the instructions and provide visual feedback, particularly when learning the game.

Input and touch

It is accessible to anyone with a mild – moderate upper body impairment and those who experience symptoms that affect their hands, wrists and shoulders, like a tremor, fatigue, reduced dexterity or precision.



It uses a touch screen and the input is single taps and drags.

Movement and mobility

It is accessible to anyone with a mobility impairment, including wheelchair users and those who experience physical symptoms, like severe fatigue or chronic pain. There is no mobility requirement to play.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

It is accessible to anyone who experiences motion sickness or dizzy spells. There is no simulated movement and the graphics are easy to tolerate.


It is accessible to anyone with a moderate – severe cognitive impairment, including those with a learning disability like dyslexia and those who experience cognitive symptoms, like problems with memory, concentration, planning and organization. It is an educational game that teaches basic number recognition, counting to 100, subtraction, addition and basic geometry.


Social Interaction


Trigger warnings and age ratings

We are unaware of any triggers and content is suitable for all.



Moose Math is a brilliant app for 3 – 8 year olds who will enjoy the humour and style. We play it regularly and even when my daughter abandons it for a while in favour of a new game, she always returns to it. It’s one of a few games that remain installed and doesn’t get cycled through in the endless install/uninstall cycle. Highly recommended.

Product: Moose Math | Developer: Duck Duck Moose, Inc. | Platform: Android, iOS | Genre: Fill-in | Players: 1 | Version: Europe | Last Update: August 2014 (Android), October 2014 (iOS) |Content Rating: Apple 4+, PEGI 3

The game review is based on the Android version of the game played on a Hudl 2.