We often feature accessible and unusual work stations here at Ergohacks and todays’ is special in that on construction it can easily be set to any height. If you want it at sitting height or a standing desk you can use it that way. It also means if you need something different, such as for a wheelchair or for a favoured non-standard chair you can do. The shelf is quite narrow and works best standing or with a stool, but if you pull the mouse and keyboard onto your lap, it’s a great minimalist way to store and show off your computer with a screen at a custom ergonomic height. The desk was originally featured on his blog and later Ikea Hackers by Andrea Ponzi from Italy.

The Desk uses a  Ludvig Laptop shelf charging station to contain a small form factor PC.  The shelf is a large metal box which attached to the wall containing the PC and all the peripherals you want to hide. Over the box slides a cover shelf which has your keyboard and mouse on and your screen attached to the wall with a standard bracket. Ponzi replaced the standard Ludvig shelf with a larger one to take a slightly larger PC, but if your machine is small enough there would be no need to do so. The obvious use would be as a laptop dock – use your laptop normally away from home then slide it into the desk with a full size keyboard, mouse and screen when you are home.

This article was first published on 25 May 2013 and last updated on 6 June 2017.