Medic Alert is a system which most people are at least peripherally aware of. The idea is low tech and simple – wear a tag on a bracelet or necklace with an Asclepius symbol on the front and on the back a couple of lines of text listing your conditions and a code number. The code number can be quoted on the MedicAlert website or phone line to get more information.

Athena Medic Alert Bracelet

It’s a simple idea that has gotten widespread recognition and adoption by the chronically ill. Most especially it works well for those who have invisible conditions or those that can turn life threatening very quickly such as bee sting anaphylaxis.

So why mention Medic Alert today? They have always had a number of designs but have recently come out with a new design of bracelet that is attractive. The difficulty is making the Medic Alert symbol big and obvious enough to be noticed in an emergency without being overwhelming in normal circumstances. The Athena looks like an older style leather watch strap with the Medic Alert disk where the watch face would be. It looks comfortable enough to wear every day and understated enough not to stand out with most clothes.

The Athena is available with two leather colors (brown or black) and with or without enamel from the Medic Alert UK website for £19.95 today.

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