The Ergohacks Verdict

The Mealkit 2.0 provides everything needed for a variety of meals. Designed by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall for Light My Fire, a Swedish company known for making excellent fire starters. It is a 5-piece kit with a plate (lid), bowl (deep plate), small and medium waterproof boxes, a Pack-up-Cup, Spork, combined strainer and chopping board held together with a harness. The balance between function and design struck me in the first image I saw of the Mealkit 2.0 and after using it outdoors and indoors, I discovered a versatile, functional, flexible, elegant kit that exceeded my expectations.

The Mealkit 2.0 is a simple idea put to excellent use. It has the hallmark of Swedish design, combining style and functionality to create something simple and useful. We’ve been using ours for the last two years and it still looks as good as new. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential

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Price: ± £20
Included: Lid/plate (500 ml), Plate/bowl (900 ml), SnapBox (170 ml), SnapBox oval (320 ml), Pack-up-Cup (260 ml), 6. combo strainer and cutting board, spork original and harness

About Light My Fire

“Our lives have become digital, time-efficient, mobile and programmed. Yet when we dream, we dream of candlelight and romance, campfires and freedom, bonfires and celebration. Everyone longs for fire. Fire is life. We sell fire. We develop unique, low-tech, premium quality outdoor products with the design, color and function that make them just as attractive to use in the city as in the wild.”

Light My Fire is a Swedish company started in the mid-1990’s and developed in to a business where “premium-quality outdoor products, designed with a smile and a whole palette of color, were our business.” Read more here.


I have one consistent problem with reusable containers whether outdoors for a weekend, a day or an our over lunch – empty containers clutter up backpacks. The Mealkit 2.0 does not. It folds to a single small parcel to pack for camping trips and when used for a packed lunch, it folds down to the same small size afterward. The Pack-up-Cup in particular is brilliant for carrying around and collapsing it when not in use.

The Mealkit 2.0 has all the components needed for every meal. A small fry up with toast on the side, cereal, toast, yogurt and a fruit salad. I have packed cold lunches, sandwiches, salads and a small ploughmans and have served up hot meals – pasta, rice, a jacket potato, grilled veggies and meat straight from the BBQ. I have used it outdoors but also on short breaks to make a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast in a hotel room or unpack a selection of sandwiches and salads for a picnic lunch on a long day out. The kit is a single person use item, with the occasional ‘serving dish’ added value. Buy it as a lunch box, but when buying it for a camping trip, take one kit per person.


Size: 194 x 194 x 61mm
Capacity: 900ml plate/bowl, 500 ml lid/plat, 170ml and 320 ml for small and large boxes, 260ml cup
Item Weight: 384 g
Colour: Orange, Fuschia (pink), Lime, Black, Cyan (Blue), Red, Green
Textile: Plastic – Polypropolene, Spork made of Tritan, Harness made of TPE. 100% BPA-free
Environment: Indoors and outdoors
Optimised for right and left-handed use

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The review is based on the Mealkit 2.0 kindly provided by Light My Fire. This article was first published on 29 June 2015 and last updated on 13 July 2017.