The Maxpedition Versipack Mongo is a huge courier type bag with a plethora of pockets from military-style bag manufactures Maxpedition.  It is the most recent addition to the Versipack line which is best known for the Fatboy shoulder bag.


The bag is a shoulder bag that is designed to rest on the hip, with different versions for wearing on the right or the left.  It is made out of a very thick 1050-Dernier ballistic nylon fabric that feels strong and is waterproof and surprisingly strong.

The bag is made of up of one large central pocket with a number of different size and shape pockets surround it.  Most of the pockets are secured by zips and many have loop velcro inside them allowing the adding of extra internal organisation pocket systems.   The base and sides of the bag and strap have attachment points to allow fitting of extra pockets or containers.

Size:  11.5″ high x  7.5″ wide x 16.5″ long
Capacity: 7.5 litres stated, although this appears to be only the main pocket.
Weight: 1.25kg, unloaded
Colours: Foliage Green, Khaki, black, OD Green and Khaki-Foliage
Right-handed and  left-handed versions available (left handed called S-Type)



The bag is clearly designed to have its pockets accessible when it is being worn and has a militaristic utilitarian style.  It is built around its central pocket which is large enough to fit several A4 sized or small laptop sized items in.  To the front of this are two zip pockets and one open pocket, all lined with velcro.  To the right side is a barnacle pocket, covered in molle webbing and to the left a water bottle pocket.  These pockets are reversed on the S-type version of the bag.  The main pockets cover includes a number of pockets itself including one with elastic tie downs and with a mesh cover.  The front of the bag, top and one side have more velcro to attach patches and pockets.


There is no audio involved in the bag, except for the fact that the material it is made from makes virtually no noise or rustling,  The buckle is equally silent in usage.


The material of the outside of the bag feels slightly rough to the touch, but not unpleasantly so.  Inside a smoother nylon is used in combination with large amounts of hoop velcro which is very soft to the touch.

When being worn the bag feels comfortable and even when fully packed lighter than its actual weight would suggest.  I am however 6″ and I have heard from those who are considerably smaller than the bag is just too large to be fully comfortable.  The shoulder pad is adjustable to any position on the strap when properly adjusted the pads on the back of the bag work well against the hip.    I’ve not had occasion to use the extra strap designed to hold the bag against the body on long hikes but it feels comfortable when tried on.

The bags biggest failing from a touch point of view is that it does not have handle allowing it to be picked up directly.  This is, however, possible to add on afterwards with several sets of instructions being available online.

Ease of Use

The Mongo’s biggest plus is also its biggest potential problem.  It is a big bag with a number of pockets.  If you are willing to invest the time to work out how best to fit your items into it and to memorize where things are it has the potential to work very well.  On the other hand it has the possibility to present too many options and leave you unable to find that crucial nebulizer when you really really need it.  Given the time to organize and learn where to best keep things the bag can be near perfect.

Product Information

Manufacturer: Maxpedition
Price: £107.06
Retailer: Amazon, Direct from Maxpedition, multiple resellers

Included In The Box 

  • Maxpedition Mongo Versipack in a plastic waterproof bag.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a large, comfortable strong bag with many pockets and can handle the  size the Maxpedition Mongo Versipack can be the perfect bag.  It takes a quite a bit of setup to get right but it can hold a wide range of items in an organised secure fashion.  Personally, I’ve been using it to hold medications, a nebulizer, snacks and water, a change of clothes, tech (including a Surface) and a fair amount of other edc things. Recommended.