Maxpedition is among our favourite brands of bag. They provide practical, comfortable, hard wearing bags with lots of organisational pockets even if the price is commiserate with the quality. Maxpedition regularly releases new designs and products and in the last few weeks has shown off a new range.

The range includes a Vesper messenger bag with a removable internal laptop case that will go up to 15″. It is available for $189.99 and looks to be an ideal bag for the mobile IT worker.

A range of coolers has been introduced including the larger Chowdown with a 7 litre capacity for $89.99 and the smaller Fillup at 4 litres for $79.99.

They have also released several other bags that fit into their old ranges including the Agent and Handler Kit bags, the Zafar and Xantha backpacks and a variant on the Versipack called the the Jumbo ASR.

Maxpedition bags are expensive, but keep your eyes open for second hand bags if they look like your kind of bag. Their styling will not be to everyone’s taste, but if you want a hard wearing, weatherproof, organised and comfortable bag they are a very good investment.


  1. Lily Ellis 06/05/2014 at 9:02 am - Reply

    They are excellent first aid kit and medical supplies bags for those who carry out medical equipment on a daily basis. The nebuliser, splints, tape, Epi-Pen, medication and basic first aid supplies all fit and can be organized for easy access. I’d love a new cooler bag for picnics (and cold packs).

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