My morning alarm woke up the house today. It’s a song Cass made up and mixed herself: “Get dressed, get dressed, time to get dress!” she sang from the speakers of my phone. The cats were the first to let us know that it’s morning, protesting loudly that The Great Machine has not given them any breakfast yet. A morning alarm is a rarity, we’re usually awake before the sun, hours before the alarm is set to play, because hypoglycemia (or more often, a parent’s panic that she’s low, she’s sleeping too well something is wrong!) and pain, migraine in particular, favour the hour just before dawn.

Monday mornings are always chaotic. Getting everyone out of bed and into clothes looking presentable whilst measuring out carbs for breakfast, a school snack and packed lunch in just over an hour is challenging on most days, but after the usual Sunday morning lounging, it’s worse come Monday. We check our e-mail and news feeds between sips of coffee, aware of minutes ticking by and at some blurry point between eight and nine, home life ticks over to work life.

Today I’m taking photographs of summer sandals, headphones and a fire engine red lunchbox for upcoming reviews, as well as scheduling and organizing the coming week. Chris is sorting through his bag collection to decide which lucky bag will be taken to Birmingham for EGX later in the week whilst finishing up his review of a Shaw Academy course. Cass is starting Construction Club, her first after-school club at school which is very exciting. It’s going to be a busy day, but here all days are busy days.

We stopped in at Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral over the weekend. We did not see the new LED lights that now illuminate the spire (Cass doesn’t meet the age & height requirements yet so we chose to return at a later stage), but a visit to the Cathedral was impressive as always and viewing the Magna Carta housed in the magnificent 13th century Chapter House was definitely worth seeing. We will have a review up for Salisbury Cathedral later this year.


At the moment Salisbury Cathedral is hosting Reflections: Glass Exhibitions, until 6 November 2016 for which “Nine international artists who work with glass from as far afield as New Zealand have been invited to respond to our magnificent iconic Cathedral.” We had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists, Livvy Fink and Cass experimented with colour, light and projection in one of the many engaging art workshops hosted in The North Transept.

We are celebrating the arrival of Autumn on Thursday (following the Astronomical season) and the word of the day will be ‘Equinox”. Chris will be in Birmingham most likely having Joylent for dinner, but Cass and I are putting together an easy to cook, yummy to eat, low-carb, dairy and gluten free, traditionally autumny two (maybe three) course meal for two. If it works out, we’ll add our recipes to The Ergohacks Kitchen.

Priorities for this week is getting ready for colder weather. Time to unpack thicker coats, warmer jumpers, check that the heating is in good shape and place our bets as to whether this October will bring spectacular autumn colours or a dreary wet serving of mediocre leaves. My stake is on the first, can’t wait to find some spectacular places for many autumn walks.

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