USB Flash drives are still annoyingly useful. I use one almost every day as an easy way to transfer data quickly between computers. They are hard to grip due to their size and shape and I never know which way is up, particularly as it is one way on the left side of my laptop and another on the right. Having tried quite a few different designs with none working well, I turned to Sugru to make my own.

I used a [amazon_link id=”B002Z58GQI” target=”_blank” ]Transcend 4GB JetFlash 300 USB Drive[/amazon_link] and one and a bit packs of Sugru, but most of the Sugru was used for decoration rather than functionality, so if money is very tight, you can get away with about half a pack easily.


The Materials: I started with 3 packs of Sugru, yellow, white and blue and a standard 4GB USB flash drive. I didn’t need to open the third pack.

sugru materials usb flash drive


I used one pack of white Sugru to add padding on the front. My two year old decorated both sides with some indentation and then I added yellow Sugru for decoration so that the two sides of the flash drive were easy to distinguish from each other. The front received a yellow curve at the top.

Sugru added-grip flash drive front

Adapted USB Flash Drive – Front

The back has a small thumb grip on one side that I made out of the white layer of Sugru, padded out with yellow Sugru. Twenty four hours later it was dry and ready to use. It does grip a lot better and it is much easier to remember which side is up.

Adapted USB Flash Drive - Front

Adapted USB Flash Drive – Back

Sugru is a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand. It moulds like play-dough, bonds to almost anything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. It is waterproof, stable at high temperatures, still flexible when cured and as it is a silicone rubber, very grippy and non-slip, making it ideal for small hacks.