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Make Dice by Hmn is very simple iPhone or iPad app that lets you create virtual dice and roll them within your phone.  This sounds extremely simple – and it is – but it turns out to be surprisingly compelling.

The dice are editable in terms of both the content on them and their colour and can be rolled either by selecting the correct button or shaking the phone or iPad.   It is also possible to import pictures from the Camera Roll to be used as sides. You can have as many dice on the screen as once as you like, although it gets a little cluttered after a certain point and the die are editable on the fly.

The lite version of the app does contain ads but only on the dice editing screens and if this is an issue there is a full ad free version available for $2.99.  It comes with a number of editable predefined dice for situations such as selecting what food to eat or settling arguments, but that is only really a starting point.  Overall it is an interesting little utility that for some such as small children, special needs and those who find it hard to make decisions could find useful.

Make Dice on iTunes