Game controllers usually fall in to a fairly standard mold and work either work for someone or not.  I might find the PS4 controller very comfortable and you might decide the Xbox 360 controller is the perfect controller for you.  Mad Catz have long made mice which are adjustable to the user such as the RAT 7 which we reviewed last year and have now announced an adjustable gaming controller the L.Y.N.X 9.  The controller operates via bluetooth and can work with PCs, tablets or mobile phones.


The controller is not straightforward to describe as it is so adjustable.  Think of it as a three modules – left hand, right hand and brain which can be any distance apart and you will probably get the best idea.  Like holding your hands a foot apart to play?  You can.  Add to this the built in microphone optional keyboard and the ability to fold down for transport or storage and the LYNX starts to look very interesting.

The controller also has a companion Android app which allows the sensitivity of its buttons and sticks to be altered.  The LYNX is available for pre-order now via the Mad Catz website for $299.99 with an estimated ship date of March 2015. As of yet there is no UK price or ship date.


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