When you think about smart products you often think of wearables first such as a smart watch, possibly followed by a smart house and then on to the internet of things.  One thing I had never thought of was a smart mattress cover.  Once thought of it makes perfect sense – many smart things focus on sleep tracking and if the bed or mattress could have this built-in that makes sense.  Add the ability to control your temperature and it starts to sound quite compelling.

The Luna tracks your sleep pattern and then automatically adjusts the temperature both of your bed and home (if you have a Nest) with little interaction from you.  Specifically it learns your bed time and heats to a warm temperature before you get in  The temperature is allowed to vary slightly through the night and can be set to be different on both sides of the bed – if you like it warm and your partner prefers it cold. To give itself information to adjust itself the Luna tracks your heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, sound (for snoring) and movement levels.

Luna also can interface with other compatible smart items via wifi and IFTTT.  The example they use is that if you get into bed you will want the house to be locked – get smart locks and Luna can lock all your doors when you get into bed or notify you if they cannot be locked. As it is able to use IFTTT the range of possibilities is surprisingly large.

The cover is washable, surprisingly thin and only uses a low voltage in case of any accidents.  The company behind it plans to launch with an iOS and Android app although the marketing only seems to show the iOS.

The Luna is available with Indigogo now on pre-order in the US for $199 for the Queen, $219 for the King and $229 for the Cali King with a predicted delivery time of August 2015.  They can ship to the UK for an extra $50, not including taxes.  It should be pointed out that US and UK king and queen sizing are slightly different so if you order make sure you check the size in cm or inches first.

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