Packing a good bag is a form of art. The test of whether a good bag will be a good bag for me lies in the level of success for allowing me to cart around a handful of items I find invaluable. Lunch. A big water bottle. A notebook and pen. Spork. Kindle. Wallet, keys, phone, a pack of travel tissues, hand sanitizer, inhaler, Epi-Pen and a first aid/meds pouch. And a Canon DSLR camera with tripod and other accessories.

LowePro’s latest iteration of their award winning bag, the Photo Hatchback delivers on all accounts. It allows me plenty of room with just the right number of pockets to throw in all of the above without worrying about sanitizer gel leaking onto my phone or having to empty the contents of my bag to locate my inhaler or beeping phone quickly. It also does this in a ridiculously comfortable manner. For longer trips, there is plenty of room for other extras and it is not a bag that will ever slow me down or fill up my hands when I need them. So far so wonderful.

Product Information

Price: RRP £99

Amazon is currently selling the older style Photo Hatchbacks at a 50% discount here.
Included in the box: Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22l with rain cover and removable divider system.
Paid Extras: Additional LowePro accessories available, but not required.

Retailer: Amazon +

About Lowepro

Lowepro was founded by Greg Lowe, “in his small garage, in a Colorado town near the Rockies. Mountaineer, photographer, filmmaker and incessant product innovator, Greg developed the internal-frame backpack and the first lightweight and foam-padded nylon cases to protect camera and cinematography equipment from the hazards of climbing.” Read more (link to official site).

It has grown into a company with global reach, recognised for their top-notch camera bags with corporate headquarters based in Petaluma, California. Lowepro became a part of DayMen Canada Acquisition ULC in 1989 which was acquired by private equity firm Brockway Moran & Partners in 2010.

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The 22L LowePro Photo Hatchback 22L is made to a very high standard. It has three main pockets: a dedicated laptop/tablet panel pocket, a hatchback camera pocket with removable internal divider and a top-loading compartment. It has two mesh pockets, ideal for a water bottle and smaller tripod and an integrated AW (all weather) cover for particularly wet weather. The top-loading compartment have one zip-compartment and two mesh pockets.

It is possible to convert it to a standard back-pack by removing the internal divider. The padding on the shoulders, straps and back, combined with an adjustable chest and waist strap, distributes the weight well and makes it comfortable to carry all day.

Ideal for travelling with a DSLR camera, it also works well at home or at the office with a removable camera carry component that can be placed on a shelf for convenient access to all components.

  • Targe age range: Adults and older adults
  • Gender neutral: Available in a range of colours and the overall design and packaging is stylishly neutral
  • Designed for left, right, two and one-handed use.
  • Suitable for a wide range of camera owners, recommended for active amateur photographers.
  • Optimized for outdoors use with waterproof fabric and rain cover included for wet weather

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The Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L is a cost-effective choice and great value for money. It is well made from quality, durable materials by a highly reputable manufacturer. Keep your gear organized in one place, both on the go and at home. I particularly value the detachment feature and haven’t lost a cable, lens cap or small tripod since packing it into the Hatchback.

It slots neatly into a shelf when at home and quickly slots back into the bag – no more complaining when it takes me half an hour to get ready for a spontaneous trip out to take pictures of a beautiful sunset because my bag is now always packed and ready to go.


Internal Dimensions: 22.5 x 11.5 x 19.5 cm (8.86 x 4.53 x 7.68 in)
External Dimensions: 29 x 23.5 x 50.5 cm (11.42 x 9.25 x 19.88 in)
Tablet Compartment: 24 x 2 x 25.5 cm (9.45 x 0.79 x 10.04 in)
Volume (device): 22.00 litres
Product weight:  0.93 kg (2.05 lbs)
Colour: Black, Midnight Blue/Grey
Textile: Polyester, polyurethane, nylon
Carry-on compatible: Yes (always check with your air-line)

Fits Gear:

  • DSLR with attached lens (such as 18-105mm)
  • 2 extra lenses
  • Action camera
  • Accessories and personal items
  • 10″ tablet



lowepro backpack


The LowePro Photo Hatchback 22L Backpack is well-design, excellent made and a versatile addition to any bag collection. It isn’t as convenient to access as a messenger-style bag, but it provides secure, safe storage for a camera, has plenty of room for many items without becoming to heavy or unwieldy. It is lightweight, comfortable and ideal for active, outdoor days in particular where taking your camera is a must and never an afterthought.

A perfect fit particularly for active, enthusiastic amateur photographers looking for a comfortable all-weather bag that will last. Highly recommended.

The review is based on the LowePro Photo Hatchback 22L kindly provided by LowePro. Click to read more about our eco icons and access icons used in this review.
This article was first published on 20 March 2016.