Balancing laptops, tablets, ereaders and smartphones without support whilst reclining is probably one of the worst modern habits we have developed. Italian designers at Lounge-tek have come up with an excellent, ergonomic laptop table in two styles – the Lounge-Book and Lounge-Wood – with multiple finishes, including a wood-plastic composite made from almost entirely from recycled materials that turns a bad habit into a guilt-free pleasure.

Product Information

Price: RRP € 99,00 (£79)
Included in the box: 1 x Lounge-Book flat-packed, easy to assemble

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About Lounge-tek

Lounge-tek is an Italian company who design and produce their own products in Veneto’s Furniture district. Founded in 2007, it is dedicated to make high-quality, stylish laptop tables. The company follows an ethical and environmentally conscious approach, outline in their about page and summarizes as “100% made in Ethics.”

The Ergohacks Evaluation


  • Highly adjustable free-standing laptop table perfect for laptops and good for tablets and ereaders.
  • Design fits in well at home or at the office and stylishly blends with a wide range of decor styles.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Accessible to all ages, but ships with a safety warning: “Not suitable for children under 14 years. For use under adult supervision”.
  • Gender neutral design and the ecodesign fits well with family, feminine and masculine spaces
  • Suitable for a diverse, wide ranging audience, including young and older adults.
  • Optimized for indoors use, but can easily transport to the patio or garden on a sunny day. Not foldable, but easy assembly makes it potentially useful when camping.

Ecodesign laptop table

Ergonomic Design

loung bookThe Ecodesign Lounge-book was conceived as an ergonomic solution and designed to provide the best possible ergonomic fit for adults who regularly use laptops – and tablets to a lesser extent – whilst seated on a lounge chair or couch. It tilts from 0° to 35°, rotates 360° and height adjustable from 57cm – 75cm.

The tilt angle is perfect for laptop users, but it doesn’t tilt quite enough to make it comfortable for tablet use – however, we stuck a lint-roller behind the tablet and with a tiny hack it was instantly perfect for tablets and ereader use as well.

It is lightweight and glides across hardwood floors and I prefer it over some alternatives I have tried that had casters with no need to secure wheels or risk a run away table. Be aware that the legs do need to slide underneath the couch or chair for optimal ergonomic use. The stable, free-standing design makes it ideal for those of us who get up often. Give it a gentle push, get up and sit back down without any requirement to lift a tray or close up devices, which is a real bonus.

  • Optimized for casual, regular and frequent use
  • Designed for ambidextrous use, just spin the table around, turn the stand around and it is set to go on either side of the couch for use by either left or right handed users.
  • Seated use only – it does not extend tall enough for use as a small standing desk.
  • Adjustable: 0° to 35° tilt, 360° rotation 57cm – 75cm height adjustable.
  • The knobs used to adjust the table are large, well-made and easy to grip and turn


The Ecodesign Lounge-book is not the cheapest laptop table on the market, but it is a cost-effective choice. It is beautifully understated, have a high finish and the increase in cost is not an empty price-hike, but reflects the ethical, ecological principles that underline a top quality product. I have only used it for two weeks, but despite it’s lightweight, it feels like a sturdy, well-made piece of furniture that will last.

It isn’t a life-changing, time or energy saver, but for someone like me with joint issues, it made a noticeable difference. It makes getting up easier and quicker and I trust it to not tip, tilt or drop my laptop, ereader or tablet. When not using a mouse, the mouse pad also makes a handy stand for a cup of coffee, water bottle or mobile phone. It is convenient to use.

lounge-book over bed

Environment & People

  • Made from over 90% recycled material: Metal frame painted with the special ecological pigments Ecopolifix with tray and mousepad made from recycled wood–plastic composit
  • Made in Italy with materials that were locally sourced, manufactured and finished products ship from Veneto.
  • Eco-friendly packaging with recycled paper and cardboard (that can again be recycled), flat-packed to minimize environmental shipping footprint
  • Ships with UPS’s carbon neutral options
  • Fair pay for suppliers ensured by Lounge-tek
  • Patented designed made under EU safety regulations and standards
  • Hypoallergenic: the metal frame is painted and does not come in direct contact with the skin (ideal for those with a common metal allergy), it is easy to keep dust-free and no chemicals have been use that reduce air-quality – making it a good choice for those with asthma, dust mite allergies and sensitive to artificial fragrance and smells, e.g. a common migraine trigger.


Size: 41 x 30 cm(tray), 15x20cm (mouse pad), 47 cm leg, 57-75cm height adjustable
Item Weight: 5 kg
Colour: Dark brown
Textile: wood-plastic composit with metal frame


None in use.
Some simple self-assembly required when unboxing.

ecodesign lounge book in use


The Ecodesign Lounge-book is a beautiful piece that is ergonomic, accessible and cost-effective. It is made by a company who values quality and follows an ethical, ecological approach and that shows in its clean design and high finish. It is a fantastic laptop stand on a hard floor – as long as there is space underneath the couch for the legs – and a pretty decent tablet/ereader holder as well although it didn’t quite tilt enough to be perfect.

Recommend for teens, adults and older adults who regularly use mobile devices in their living room (or bedroom), as well as being a neat office accessory for work spaces that encourage a casual style and have sofas and lounge chairs to work from.

The review is based on the Ecodesign Lounge-book kindly provided by Lounge-Tek. This article was first published on 9 March 2016.