Tablets and ipads can be great accessibility and learning tools if used properly for children but iOS how do you stop the kids getting into other apps?

The perfect solution is to keep a close parental eye the entire time and whilst this is preferable it is not always realistic or practical.  Luckily there are two possible ways to lock the iPad down.


First you can restrict the features that can be used – this is called appropriately Parental Restrictions.  Go to Settings, General and Restrictions and it is possible to set which services can be used and which cannot.  This may work better for older children and when you want to hand an iPad around to demonstrate something on it, but is probably not restrictive enough for younger children.

A more extreme lock down can be achieved with a service called Guided Access.  Go to Settings, General, Accessibility and then Guided Access.  Switch it on and select Set Passcode. Now go to an app you want to lock down and when it is running click the home button three times.    At this point you can set certain portions of the screen that cannot be used – such as adverts or in game purchases.  Circle with them finger to grey them out.

There is also a settings menu that will let you disable the power button, volume button, touch or motion control.  The default for this is sleep and volume being disabled with touch and motion being left on. Finally touch the start button at the top right.  The disabled areas of the screen will grey out slightly and the home button will stop working meaning that you will be restricted to this app.

To get out of Guided access triple click the home button and enter your pin.  Guided access will remain on this app until switched off and can be added to any other app as well by triple clicking.

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