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Sporks, the 3-in-1 spoon, knife, fork combo is a camping thing, or so I thought. Two weeks ago, Light My Fire sent us a bunch in four different sizes and many different sizes and I discovered that a Spork lightens my bag and makes eating outdoors a whole lot easier.

I have used it for camping, it is wonderful for camp cooking, serving and eating, but also for packed lunches, BBQ’s, picnics, out-of-the-bag impromptu lunches and my favourite, stop-at-the-farmshop-then-find-a-wood-dinner. There is always a Spork in my bag, a pair in the glove compartment and a set at home.


Great spoon, good fork, serviceable knife

The Spork works great as a spoon and my 4-year old prefer it as a spoon above all other spoons. The fork is solid and good for scooping and stabbing. The serrated edge that function as a knife is obviously its weak point. It works almost as well as a table knife for spreading and I prefer it over a standard and rocker knife for slicing cooked food on a plate.

The Spork’s knife is not designed for chopping, cutting and dicing and it does not work wonders for food preparation. It does chop though, just roughly and unevenly and it requires a fair amount of pressure. I would recommend packing a chef’s knife if there is going to be any requirement for cutting things up, however in a pinch, it works pretty well with some effort thrown in. In the image below everything on the plate was chopped with a Spork Original.

A versatile space saving idea

I used to have a picnic backpack with cutlery, plates, cups and glasses, but now I only take a Mealkit 2.0 plus extra Sporks for a picnic for three. The original Spork weighs only 9g and fits into my tiny bag without noticeably adding to the weight or contents. I now always have a knife for cutting up fruit or sandwiches, a spoon for yogurts and a fork for salads.

The Sporks are heat resistant when cooking and safe for use with non stick cookware and two serve salad nicely.

Spork Little for little ones

The Spork Little are have no serrated edge and a rounder and thicker design. It weighs 8g and is easy to grip and use for toddlers. They are also perfect as teaspoons that fit into small yogurt pots and being heat resistant, stirs creamer or sugar into a cup of coffee or removes a tea bag from boiling hot water.


Product Information

About Light My Fire

“Our lives have become digital, time-efficient, mobile and programmed. Yet when we dream, we dream of candlelight and romance, campfires and freedom, bonfires and celebration. Everyone longs for fire. Fire is life.

We sell fire.

We develop unique, low-tech, premium quality outdoor products with the design, color and function that make them just as attractive to use in the city as in the wild.”

Light My Fire is a Swedish company started in the mid-1990’s and developed in to a business where “premium-quality outdoor products, designed with a smile and a whole palette of color, were our business.” Read more here.


Single Spork: £2.00 – £3.50
Retailer: Amazon

Pack of 4 (Orinigal): £7.40
Retailer: Amazon

Included in the box/price




Size: Large (for serving) 25 x 5.3 x 2.6 cm, Extra-medium 20 x 3.8 x 1.7 cm, Original 17 x 3.8 x 1.7 cm and Little 14 x 3 x 1.6 cm
Item Weight: Large 32g, Extra-medium 16g, Original 9g, Little 8g
Colour:  24 different colours available.
Textile: Tritan, a BPA-free, impact resistent tough plastic
Environment: Indoors and outdoors
Optimised for right-handed use, left-handed versions available

Target audience

Everyone. Sporks may be traditional camping gear, but they are a luxury and convenience for anyone who ever eats outdoors, fast food, at work or on-the-go. Great for families, particularly with little children (perfect ice-cream spoons and for stabbing at fish and chips sitting on a beach) and also recommended for older adults with mild dexterity issues looking for a stylish alternative to adapted cutlery.

It is a much handier and ergonomic upgrade to disposable cutlery and its durability helps with a greener lifestyle by reusing instead of relying on disposables. Also great for those who prefer using their own cutlery instead of that stained teaspoon left in the office kitchen sink.

Ease of use

Easy to use – durable, lightweight and heat resistant and can be used for cooking and eating. Easy to clean – dish washer safe, also washes up easily by hand. Tritan can also be sterilized for use by little children or anyone with a weak immune system.






It is accessible to anyone with a visual impairment, including the blind and those who experience visual symptoms, like photophobia (light sensitivity), eye strain or colour blindness.

Light My Fire has produced a wide range of colour, including bright, vibrant choices that are helpful with a visual impairment.


It is accessible to anyone with a hearing impairment, including the deaf and those who experience auditory symptoms, like tinnitus or hyperacusis (sound sensitivity). Sporks are silent when used, they make no loud scraping noises when used for cooking, serving or eating.


It is accessible to anyone with mild – moderate dexterity issues and those who experience symptoms that affect their hands, wrists and shoulders, like a tremor, fatigue or lack of precision. It’s ergonomic design and lightweight makes it easy to grip and use and we have found them to be of great use for children and adults with joint issues caused by joint hypermobility/EDS.

The one-handed design has also been useful for essential tremor, not because it makes eating with a tremor easier, but because it makes switching hands possible, although we also swapped from a right handed to left handed spork for this.

Movement and mobility

There is no mobility requirement to use.

Motion sickness and balance disorders

It is accessible to anyone who experiences a motion sickness or dizzy spells.


It is accessible to anyone with a moderate – severe cognitive impairment, including those with a learning disability like dyslexia and those who experience cognitive symptoms, like problems with memory, concentration, planning and organization.

It can be particularly useful for anyone with a severe learning disability or cognitive impairment because it is easy to hold, easy to use and requires less coordination and concentration than using a knife and fork combination.

Social Interaction



This product contains no common allergens and is BPA-free. It is made out of Tritan, a trademarked copolyester.

Trigger warnings and age ratings

None, suitable for all ages.



I love the outdoors. I love camping, picnics and eating outdoors. It is easy to highly recommend a set of Sporks for all nature lovers out there.

I also have little time, an active 4-year old who demands picnics and I enjoy the time and effort saving option of stopping in at a local shop, picking up a loaf of bread, butter, cheese, salad and fruit and putting together a picnic without pre-planning or preparation required.

A Spork or two in my bag makes these options a little easier to implement and sometimes makes the difference on tired days between a yes and a no to the question “Can we stop somewhere and have a picnic?”

Highly recommended as a must have accessory for camping, picnics and packed lunches.

The review is based on a selection of Sporks kindly provided by Light My Fire. This post contains affiliate links. First published on 6 August 2015.

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