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Eating, particularly using cutlery is something that most people have no problem with but  if you have a tremor it can be extremely difficult. Parkinson’s and Essential Tremors are just two of the many conditions that have a hand or arm tremor as a large component.  The Liftware tries to stabilise the problem.  It is a battery powered handle with sensors and motors which measures your hands movements and tries to cancel it out with movements of its own.  The intended result is a stable spoon.

The company got its initial financing through IndieGoGo, getting a respectable figure nearly double what they were initially looking for.  The funding drive finished in March and the devices are already available to buy from the general public.  The basic handle and spoon costs $295 (£170) with extra attachments of a knife or fork for $20.   Shipping is free in the US and appears to be $20 for the UK, although the speed is not specified.

If you have an ET or Parkinsons this might be exactly what you have been looking for.