First Aid is a fundamental skill all children should learn. The Red Cross agrees and have compiled a website “Life, Live it” with resources for 6 – 11 year olds that teachers can use for first aid education. The basic information is publicly available and parents interested in sharing the content with their children at home is not catered for, but also not discouraged or completely restricted.

The teacher’s section that provides resources that can be used and distributed is somewhat restricted and accessed by logging in. Registration is free, but it requires providing personal details – your name, address, school or establishment and email address.

There are 5 sections on the web site. “What is first aid?”provides a brief introduction to primary school children on what first aid actually is. “Stay safe” is a section with information on how to prevent accidents from happening. Children learn basic risk assessment and management.  “Help save lives” teaches children what to do when they see someone that is hurt and how to provide help without putting themselves in similar danger. “Emergency Actions” teachers children how to respond in serious emergencies by summoning an adult and calling the emergency services. The section is a Teacher’s area with resources that can be used and distributed.